Product Review and Giveaway: Lace Locker

I happened to have the “chance” meeting @lacelocker (TheLaceLocker on instagram) @StashSports on Twitter and Facebook, be sure to give them a like/follow!

First impression was how quickly they arrived, that is always important. As athletes are pretty impatient when it comes to getting things in the mail, we want it and want it yesterday, it keeps us excited and motivated when we have new things arrive. The packaging was also very well branded and professional.


The test. Simple. Easy to put on, and for those of us who are impatient I didn’t have to look at the instructions on how to properly “install” them.   They work, simple as that.


I wear elastic, no tie laces in my racing shoes, but that is personal preference, they are not for everyone. However, my cross training shoes all have laces. Laces annoy me. Period. I catch them on weight equipment causing me to trip and fall, they come untied. Don’t get me started on if the lace rubs up on my ankle and I think there is a critter running across and it makes me jump to the ceiling. Lace Locker gets rid of all those lace annoyances. They also come in a variety of colors, even Lady Bug print.

I am not only a Coach and athlete; I am also a Mom of a very active boy who REFUSES to tie his shoelaces. Double and triple knots stand no chance with this boy. Lace Locker fixed that.

Another random use that was discovered, I was recently at the gym doing my first wear test of Lace Lockers.  There was a girl in the locker room fighting with a pair of workout pants that were refusing to cooperate. She awkwardly noticed me watching her antics and responded with a sheepish statement “I accidentally packed my sister’s pants, they are too big and I can’t get them to stay tied, no one needs to see that when they fall off of me!” LIGHTBULB went off. I took one of the Lace Lockers off my shoe and handed it to her and said to find me and give it back at the end of the workout. Problem solved. I was on the treadmill behind her as she was on the elliptical, a few times during the workout she would flash a big smile and thumbs up.

So in keeping with my workout pant friend at the gym, I give Lace Locker thumbs up!

A quality product made 100% in the USA, affordable, easy to use, excellent customer service, commitment to safety and passionate desire to send kids to college (in addition to Neely’s scholarship a significant amount of proceeds go to create scholarships), and finding a product that is a solution to annoying shoe laces.

Here is the fun part: PRIZE GIVEAWAY. That’s right! I am giving away a pair of Lace Locker Pair Neely Inspired.

IMG_20140708_100249_021-2“20% of each pair sold of the Neely Spence Gracey Signature LaceLocker® “Inspired…Get Running” will contribute to a scholarship fund. The fund will be at her undergraduate school, Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, and will first be given for the 2014-2015 academic year. “

What you need to do to win:


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  5. Then comment on my Coach Kristie PRS FIT Facebook post of the link of this product review, with the most “likes” by 12:30pm Pacific Time Thursday, July 17, 2014 will win.  In the event of a tie, all names will go in a drawing and my 7yo son will do the honors of drawing the winner.  That’s what Mom’s do!  Good luck.

So…on your mark, get set….GO!!!!



Product Review: Garnier Clean +

In my younger years, the 70’s, I watched my lifeguard sisters with their baby oil and iodine lotion, reflective mirrors and sunbathing towels. Tan, was in.

I “grew up” in the 80’s. It was all about big hair, hair bands…and hello….did I mention hair? Skin, not so much.

1997 brought me the “gift” of deadly skin cancer, all wrapped up in a bow.   I became suddenly and acutely aware of my skincare.

2007 brought me a miracle, my healthy baby boy. It also brought me freaking adult onset ACNE. Mind you I had issues in High School, but this was a whole new level of SUCK. I went in for a skin cancer follow up and BEGGED my dermatologist to help me. She gave me a 3 medicine arsenal to combat this mess, and oh was it BAD.

Fast forward to now. Knocks on my head…errr…wood . No more acne. However I do take my skin care VERY seriously.

Garnier was so kind to send me samples for my review:



I live in the desert so not all of the three really suit me.   The Balancing Daily Exfoliator is the one that suits my personal skin better. I tried that and the Blackhead Eliminating Scrub. The Nourishing Cleansing oil is just, oil. Sorry, in 115 degrees I don’t want oil and sweat mixing on my face.

The Balancing Daily Exfoliator had a nice scent, a hint of grapefruit. It wasn’t harsh like sand paper. Very light. It was just right. Not too harsh, not too light.   My skin was soft, smooth, and felt fresh after.

The Blackhead Eliminating scrub was a little more gritty and more harsh on my skin.

The ultimate question? Would I buy any of these? Maybe, to treat and or pamper myself.  If I did it would be the Balancing Daily Exfoliator. I liked it, I did. But it was not a product that I felt like I couldn’t live without. At $7.99 per tube it is not really not on the “high end” of the price scale, but not on the low side either.   If I did purchase it to use I would not use it daily as it suggests. I would use it once a week.

If you are looking for a clean scented, budget friendly, exfoliator that doesn’t feel like sandpaper, this is your product.


Thank you Garnier. It was a pleasure to use and review these products.


Why I prefer *gasp* the treadmill

Runner treadmill ILLUS.jpgI have a reputation for being the “Treadmill Queen”.  I wouldn’t call myself a Queen; Court Jester would be more accurate.  When it comes to the treadmill go ahead and prepare to call me freak, sick, strange, crazy, whatever name you should choose but in all honesty I prefer to run on the treadmill.

There.  I said it, the “anti” runner statement.  But it is true.  On a brisk 40-50 degree day (“perfect” running weather) you will find me on the treadmill.  Shoot, pretty much most of my runs, you will find me on the treadmill.

In an attempt to get 99% of the running community to take a glimpse into my alter universe I will provide you with the multitude of reasons as to why I personally prefer to run on the treadmill, in no particular order:

  1. No dogs off leashes.  Well, there is one.  But he snoozes on the yoga mat beside the treadmill and the worst thing he does is pass gas.  I have been chased over walls, had ankles and the back of my leg bitten by all shapes and sizes of dogs, cats and oh I live in the desert…. don’t get me started on Coyotes.
  2. No stoplights.
  3. No rattlesnakes.
  4. The nearest bathroom is 3 feet away, it is clean, not a bush or tree that I hope is wide enough to hide me, has toilet paper stocked (well, that can remain to be seen as I am the only female in my house, but at least I know where the spare rolls are kept), it also has really pretty smelling soap in there.  BONUS.
  5. I can wear a sports bra and shorts and not worry about looking like a busted can ‘o biscuits hanging out everywhere in the land of Cirque performers.
  6. No cars.
  7. No motorcycles.
  8. No creepers that seem to be lapping the block over, and over, and over, and over. Shudder
  9. No random poles, stop signs, light posts that jump in front of me and crash into me.  I mean really?  The nerve.
  10. No rocks or other objects to trip over.  Or the desert hare that ran in front of me with comedic timing and ended up getting punted.  Let me tell you something so cute can REALLY give a mean stink eye.
  11. I like to run light.  The treadmill holds my water bottles, cell phone, fuel, snot rocket towel, HR monitor watch, and sweat towel.
  12. Can’t step in poop.
  13. Temperature and climate control.
  14. I can watch TV or a movie if I want.  I never have, but I could if I wanted.
  15. If I take it to the puke zone the trashcan is next to the treadmill or refer to #4.
  16. I listen to my iPod and don’t have to worry about hearing my surroundings, I can get lost in my music.  I can also sing out loud without crazy looks, well, unless the family is home.
  17. I can control my pace, timed surges, etc. without OCD checking my wrist.  Just a quick glance at the dash and touch of a button.
  18. If my clothes are stained, don’t match, ugly, stinky, only person to bother is me, and or refer to #1 the dog with gas that sleeps on the yoga mat.
  19. I can control my elevation gain.
  20. Sun safe!  Sunscreen not needed.
  21. I can’t get lost.
  22. No chance of accidental bug ingestion.
  23. Can’t get pooped on by a bird or have one crash into my head (yes this has happened to me twice).
  24. I can completely zone out and not have to be aware of my surroundings.  I solve the world’s problems in my head.  And well, think of blog posts like this one….
  25. When my son was a newborn and my husband worked graveyard shift and slept during the day we did not have a fancy stroller, it was my only way to regain sanity.  Without it for MANY years no treadmill, no run.  For anyone who calls the treadmill the “dreadmill” I want them to be faced with the harsh reality that if they want to run THE ONLY way they CAN is on the treadmill. How quickly they will appreciate the treadmill.

Do not get me wrong.  I love to run outside, in nature.  The sights, the sounds, the smells.  But given a choice I will take the treadmill thank you.



ávitāe– n: 1. provides a new and better alternative to soft drinks and energy drinks: caffeinated water. 2. Smart cookie they are- water + caffeine + zero calories = me happy

How do you review a product like this? It’s water, with caffeine. It tastes, well, like water.

I was tweeting one day (Psst…If you don’t follow me already, I’m @kristiecranford) and a company offered to send me samples of their water with caffeine.  Seconds later, the lovely @BritPR_avitae asked me for my address, she would send me samples of ávitāe.

Bonus point 1– eagle eye BritPR_avitae saw an opportunity. 

Just a few short days later a beautiful blue box with these gems inside showed up (photo by EvolFeta Photography):

Bonus point 2handwritten note from @BritPR_avitae, aka Brittany Wilson herself.  In a time of impersonal computer generated “press 1 for this, 2 for that” service, this personal touch stood out to me.

My first impression, it had impact. Nice classy unexpected packaging. The bottles are stylish, sporty. The bottles are color coded for the amount of caffeine in each. The orange bottle has 45mg of caffeine. This one is equal to the amount of caffeine in a soda (or “pop” for you other regions). The red bottle has 90mg of caffeine. That one is equal to the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee.  Easy to spot and recognize when going for a caffeine fix.

For one of my early long runs I mixed my electrolyte energy drink mix with ávitāe, it was nice having that extra caffeine boost.  The ávitāe website has an online cookbook full of recipes on other ways you can use their product.

Taste?  It’s water, clear, crisp, water.  Reaction when drinking out in public? I was greatly surprised at how these bottles are magnets for unexpected conversation and questions from complete strangers. “Ooh what is that?” “I need that!” “Where can I get that?”

“Does it really taste like water?” <—this one got annoying. No, it tastes like pizza. Seriously?

“Do you come here often” <—that one was disturbing.

Bonus point 3– ávitāe gives back! ávitāe uses PET Recyclable Plastics in their bottles. They are the most recycled kind of plastic and are biodegradable. They highly encourage consumers to recycle the bottles on all packaging (labels, boxes, 24 pack plastic cases, etc). They use reverse osmosis to purify the water, but with a 1 to 1 output instead of a 3 to 1 output. When normal bottled water companies use reverse osmosis to purify their water, they have 3 gallons of wasted water filled with the chemicals taken out of the purified water, for every 1 gallon of purified water they can use. ávitāe only has 1 gallon of waste water for every 1 gallon of purified water. They do this to save the world’s water supply and get as much usable, purified water as possible.

Bonus point 4– when I contacted Brittany about wanting to gush about ávitāe on my blog her response was so quick my head spun.

My official opinion? I like it. I love the personal attention I received. Yes, I will buy ávitāe.  I will use ávitāe to stay hydrated and awake while logging miles training for on upcoming race that has a start time of midnight. 

Bonus point 5PRODUCT GIVEAWAY!!!!

The lovely folks at ávitāe are giving away a box just like I received (2 each of the 45mg and 90mg bottles) to 4 lucky winners from my blog!

Here’s how you win. No jumping through hoops. Really, no hoops. You don’t have to click this, retweet that, like this, post that. Just comment below on why you want to try ávitāe.  Only one comment per person please. Winners will be drawn at random on March 17th.  I will notify winners by replying to their comment.  You will provide your contact information to me and I will forward it to the folks of ávitāe who will in return send your prize directly to you.

Good luck. On your mark, get set…GO!

To learn more about ávitāe and place an order, check them out online at