Product Review: Garnier Clean +

In my younger years, the 70’s, I watched my lifeguard sisters with their baby oil and iodine lotion, reflective mirrors and sunbathing towels. Tan, was in.

I “grew up” in the 80’s. It was all about big hair, hair bands…and hello….did I mention hair? Skin, not so much.

1997 brought me the “gift” of deadly skin cancer, all wrapped up in a bow.   I became suddenly and acutely aware of my skincare.

2007 brought me a miracle, my healthy baby boy. It also brought me freaking adult onset ACNE. Mind you I had issues in High School, but this was a whole new level of SUCK. I went in for a skin cancer follow up and BEGGED my dermatologist to help me. She gave me a 3 medicine arsenal to combat this mess, and oh was it BAD.

Fast forward to now. Knocks on my head…errr…wood . No more acne. However I do take my skin care VERY seriously.

Garnier was so kind to send me samples for my review:



I live in the desert so not all of the three really suit me.   The Balancing Daily Exfoliator is the one that suits my personal skin better. I tried that and the Blackhead Eliminating Scrub. The Nourishing Cleansing oil is just, oil. Sorry, in 115 degrees I don’t want oil and sweat mixing on my face.

The Balancing Daily Exfoliator had a nice scent, a hint of grapefruit. It wasn’t harsh like sand paper. Very light. It was just right. Not too harsh, not too light.   My skin was soft, smooth, and felt fresh after.

The Blackhead Eliminating scrub was a little more gritty and more harsh on my skin.

The ultimate question? Would I buy any of these? Maybe, to treat and or pamper myself.  If I did it would be the Balancing Daily Exfoliator. I liked it, I did. But it was not a product that I felt like I couldn’t live without. At $7.99 per tube it is not really not on the “high end” of the price scale, but not on the low side either.   If I did purchase it to use I would not use it daily as it suggests. I would use it once a week.

If you are looking for a clean scented, budget friendly, exfoliator that doesn’t feel like sandpaper, this is your product.


Thank you Garnier. It was a pleasure to use and review these products.