Rock and Roll Las Vegas 2013 Race Recap Part I of II

*IMPORTANT* Before you begin reading this recap, if you have not read my previous blog post “Back in the Ring” you will miss the prequel to this and may not fully understand.  No pressure to read more, just letting you know.  It is like picking up and starting with book number 2 in a book series. 

After looking at the timeline of surgery and recovery I had a thought.  Would I be able to prevent DNS #6 and possibly, just maybe, end this year on a different note?  After a series of emails with a professional and accommodating Colleen of Competitor group she kindly let me drop from the Marathon to the First Annual Half of a Half.  I knew walking was highly encouraged during recovery, so I felt confident I could walk the 6.55 miles and after checking with him first, I had my doctor’s blessings.

Oct 24 was the day of my surgery.  It went well.  This picture was taken on October 31st, my doctor and I share the same warped sense of humor.


A week later when I had my staples removed, my jeweler turned them into rings that I now wear with the shoe that I received from my Coach, and dear friend Rebecca Adamson.


My recovery from surgery is inconsistent.  It is unpredictable. Good day, bad day, good hour, bad hour.  I can have a day where I feel fantastic and the next day barely able to get out of bed.  On average I have 3-4 hours a day where I feel semi ok.

I was walking daily as a part of my required recovery plan.   I discovered a new park close to my house, my new happy place to go to.  I used to get my therapy from my running, walking is now my therapy.  My Mom passed away in September and I needed my therapy, I miss her so much.

The anniversary of my Dad’s death (Nov 14 – 32 years he has been gone) I walked 10 miles in his memory, in the past I always have run on this day. The weather was absolutely picture perfect beautiful. Everyone in the park was smiling, it was magical. RNRLV was just days away.  After that walk, I was confident I could finish the Half of a Half.

The night before the race I met up with fellow Idiots (Idiots Running Club) for dinner and had a great time.   Nothing like laughter and runner folk getting together and speaking runner speak.  My face hurt from smiling so much (that’s me in the middle of 2 amazing athletes, Kathryn Bruce and Paul Rogers).  Boy am I short…..


I woke up the morning of the race and went to print the email saying it was ok to do the Half of a Half. Colleen suggested I bring the email with me in the event I was questioned at the start.  As I printed and re-read the email I noticed she said I could also do the Half Marathon as well……..


To be continued…..

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