I dare you. RIGHT NOW.

This is not your typical blog post one would expect. But at PRS FIT we have our motto “Be Healthy, Train Smart, Have Fun”. This could fall into the “Have Fun” category. We are also a Lifestyle Company. That too would fit. Or even our motto our fearless leader Coach Jeff has coined for 2013 “Commitment to Consistency”.

I am daring anyone who reads this post to commit yourself to the consistency to have fun and turn this world from a “If it bleeds it leads” world to a “If it deeds it leads” world.

I want the “copycat killer” to not be the person who tries to kill more than the last to make the headlines; I want the “copycat do-gooder” to make headlines.

I want to see social media FLOODED with the positive, motivations, accolades, high fives, humor and praise. I want those moments shared, retweeted, reposted. I want to see everyone try to out good each other. Unselfishly.

I did this once in a former workplace years ago. For 1 week I dared my staff to pay it forward once a day. The good deeds were tiny in nature to huge. From filling all the printers before leaving for work so oddly no one ever ran out of paper mid print, to sneaking out and filling a coworker’s car with gas that just had an unexpected medical bill pop up. It became a game and ended up, normal. Habit. This group to this day still does these things. I am a proud mama bear that they carried this on (Dream Team you know who you are).

Seems simple really? Remember the movie “Pay it Forward”? It was filmed here in Las Vegas where I currently live. While it had a tragic ending (of course it did, that is what gets ratings), it had a simple message. Do good for the simple fact of doing good, good breeds, good.

I challenge everyone every day to commit yourself to the consistency of doing something good for someone for the unselfish reason of just, doing good. Think about it, if we all did it, would the world not be a better place?

The athletic community is the perfect community that I hope will embrace this. We inspire and motivate others to change their lives to healthy ones. At PRS FIT that is our mission, a lifestyle company. Being happy and having fun is one of the healthiest things a person can be.

I know this is a little dream world, and maybe a little preachy, but wouldn’t it be nice for all of us to live in our dream world?

I dare you. Do something randomly good…RIGHT NOW

Be Healthy, Train Smart, Have Fun

Coach Kristie

*This post was originally published and can be found on the http://www.prsfit.com articles page