Rock N Roll Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon Race Recap – Part 1 of 2- Getting to the Start

Ever step off a step or a curb and realize there was no step?  No curb? All your bones go crashing into each other until your teeth rattle? 

I was walking with my son and did just that. We were looking for Halloween decorations.  I stepped off what I thought was a curb and all my bones just crashed into each other.  We both had a giggle and went along our way to a pumpkin patch. By the time we left the pumpkin patch my left foot just, hurt.  Had I stepped on something? 

The next morning I got up to run, I went 2 steps and my foot said…not on your life pal. WHAT?! My Coach brain kicked in…I got on the bike.  Play it safe.  Later in the day I had a talk with my Coach (Coach Jeff of PRS Fit Nation, who I also work for) and we both pretty much confirmed my suspicion…not only did my bones crash together, but I managed a minor ankle sprain.  That put me on the sidelines of running for two weeks.  It was the end of October.  Race day was quickly approaching Dec 2nd.


Rehabbed the ankle.  Came out of the gate strong.  Had a week of killer, and I mean, killer training runs.  Hit them out of the park.  I was on fire.  Until one day, it was my throat that was on fire.  A quick inspection and it was obvious I had strep.  Went to the doctor for him to not only confirm I had strep, but also to add that I had a double ear infection, and sinus infection.   Hard core antibiotics, decongestants and steroids were prescribed.   I was hit by a truck for a little over 2 weeks.   The medicine drained me, dehydrated me.  It was a struggle to get up every day.  I was tired, exhausted.  I slowly started feeling better.  Slowly, very slowly.

Bang, another strong week where I nailed workouts.  Tons of energy.  95% of my training is indoors on a treadmill.  I am testament that it can be done.  Being a Mom, if I didn’t have a treadmill…I wouldn’t be able to run, plain and simple.  I had a few flukes where my husband’s crazy schedule allowed for some outdoor runs.  They were great.  I was not just meeting them, but exceeding them….and it came, again…the sinus infection that would NOT go away.  Back on antibiotics I went…just a little over a week before race time.  Then I got this LOVELY stomach bug the weekend before the race where I spent more time hugging the porcelain god than my husband. I was SO sick.  Could NOT keep anything down, my diet became desperate.  The only thing I was able to keep down after 48 hours was saltine crackers, ginger ale, and chicken & stars broth. 


There is nothing like having a sprained ankle and never ending sickness right before your “A” race? Right?

To be Continued-

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