Resolve, to Evolve

nyrEvery year it is the same thing. I hear people state their New Year’s resolutions. Next year I am going to lose weight, I am going to quit drinking sodas, I am going to cut back on processed foods.

I ask you this question: Why wait? Why? Millions of people do it every year. Lofty intentions to ring in the New Year with “Resolutions”.

I challenge you, act now. You know what you want to do! Don’t give yourself an excuse to hold off what you know you need to do. Basically you are giving yourself an excuse not to exercise, drink more sodas, binge on processed foods. Respect yourself enough to make that change, change that habit, and evolve, now.

There are 5 stages in change: Precontemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, and Maintenance.

Precontemplation: A change may be passing through your mind, past failures holding you back from past changes that didn’t last. You have no intention of making a change any time soon even though you are thinking about it.

Contemplation: The need is there, you know you have to do it. You need a swift kick to get you going and to keep you committed. Typically you will make a change within 6 months.

Preparation: You know what you need to do and start putting a plan into place. Joining a gym, planning weekly meals….you are ready to get started, and soon. Typically when you are in the preparation stage you are ready to make a change in about a month.

Action: It is go time. You have started back at the gym, removed the sodas from your home, set up support to help you stick to your guns. You may even have little rewards planned along the way to celebrate your successes.

Maintenance: Congratulations. You have evolved. The change is now normal, your lifestyle. The maintenance stage should be consistent for at least 6 months to remain successful.

What is your New Year’s Resolution? I challenge you to evolve instead. I hereby am giving you a swift kick from stage 1 to 4. Time to take control of your life and take Action. I also challenge you that throughout the year, when you see you need to make a change, do it then. No more “I’ll start on Monday” or “I’ll wait until after the holiday”. Start Now.

Be Healthy, Train Smart, Have Fun

Coach Kristie

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Rock N Roll Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon Race Recap- Part 2 of 2 – The Race

My office job’s busiest week of the year is always the week of the Rock N Roll Las Vegas race. The week is so busy and packed I never have time to think of anything but meeting deadlines, getting things updated. This year was no different.

My Coaching clients were also busy, some tapering for this race, others racing in other parts of the country, some training, all doing so well…kept busy keeping tabs on them. I’m a lucky Coach to have some pretty amazing athletes.

Bottom line what all that means is every year when Rock N Roll Las Vegas comes around, it sneaks up on me. I never have time to think about it, get nervous. It’s just…here. I was lucky enough to be able to work with my Coach and the great folks of Altra Zero Drop Footwear at the expo. I had a blast meeting and greeting people.

As a virtual Coach, sometimes you may never get to meet a client in person. I was lucky to meet one of mine, Lori, who flew in for the race. We have become fast friends and seeing her in person was a great plus to the whole weekend. It was nice to meet so many PRS Fit Teammates and IRC members who were in town for the race. Meeting everyone really added a lot of energy to the event.


Anyone who knows me knows I can talk to a fence post, at length. I know no stranger. However, on race day I completely change. I become a bit of a hermit. I try to avoid social media, don’t really talk to anyone, I just slip into a zone. I laid down for a nap, I slept, hard. I woke up with a start, to my house shaking. To say the winds were howling was an understatement. All that was missing was a crazy woman on a bike outside my window and a dog named Toto. I thought to myself, I survived the merge of 2011! I can run in this! Wonder if I could hook up a sail? No?

I dressed, putting on my game face. Downed my Generation UCAN and hopped in the truck. Having “connections” my husband was able to drop me right at the corrals. I am very lucky to be able to do this.

I hopped in what my son calls the “Runner’s Bathroom” and headed to the corrals. I had time to spare. I usually get a little, well, a lot twitchy at this point. I get very internal. I sit off to the side and just people watch. Walking toward the corral I saw, sitting on the curb a familiar neon shirt. I snuck up behind Lori and plopped down on the curb next to her. This kept the twitchiness away. I still was not nervous.

They called us to the corrals. I hugged Lori. We shared “good luck”. I saw off to the side the PF Chang’s Dragon entering the corral. Was so happy to see it, another client, Teri, was one of those carrying the dragon. I was able to give her a good luck high five before the start.

They started condensing the corrals and we moved forward for the anthem. Don’t know who was singing because I didn’t hear a word…not one. My heart went into my throat and started pounding in my ears. Nerves hit like nothing I have ever had before. I had had a sprained ankle, I had been sick as a dog, the winds were howling, how on earth was I going to pull this off???? In my head I heard my friends, the entire coaching staff of PRS scream at me: “SETTLE!” (inside story), and I did, just that….
I was in corral 2. In 2009 I started in corral 55 (if I remember correctly). I have come a long way. I had crib notes on my hand from talking to Coach times to meet in order to reach my goal. I looked at them one last time and took a deep breath. The gun went off and away we went.

The first three miles always are the worst. Always. I’m no spring chicken and it takes a while for me to warm up. At mile 3 I looked at my notes on my hand, 2 seconds ahead. Good to go. Mile 6, 30 seconds behind but feeling good and fluid.
Mile 7 my body said “ aaand we’re done here”. Excuse me??? I’m barely ½ ways there?! I don’t think so! I did a quick body check. Nothing sore, legs strong, body relaxed. I was tired, very tired. I was mentally prepared for this after being sick for so long. This is when the fight began. I argued with myself from that point on, yelling in my head to suck it up. I was nailing my times. Nailing them, even while stopping at each water station and walking a little at each, I was ahead of the game. I was struggling, but I was truckin’.

Somewhere around Mile 8 I heard my name yelled (confirmed later it was who I thought, thanks Joe!) that voice yelling my name gave me that extra energy to push through. Mile 10 I had a 5k to go, I was in the home stretch, I was going to do this! I turned the corner and slammed into the wall. Not that wall, but a wall that Mother Nature decided would be a fun one to throw into the mix. 30+ mph head winds.

I came to a dead stop. The wind pushed me and several other runners backwards. I looked in front of me for someone tall to draft behind…no one to be found. That’s usually pretty easy since I am 5 foot nothing.

Game change. My brain and I had a discussion. Don’t push through the wind, push between gusts. I tried running, but would literally get pushed backwards and/or sideways. My average pace was slipping, fast. I did a quick calculation; Goal 1 was out the window. Goal 2, a PR (personal record), was still doable. I would have to fight the winds, but I would do it, or die trying (figuratively speaking).

Mile 11. Ow. My body was crashing. Fighting fatigue and the wind was taking everything out of me. Mile 12. I was spent. I was walking, a lot, feverishly checking my pace and time. I would NOT lose a PR, I would NOT. I fought with myself to quit walking, the winds kicked up, I kept pushing. I have never fought this hard in a race, ever.

Then I saw it, the finish line. I looked at my watch…I had an iron clad PR, how much of one, was up to me. I kicked it up and gave it all I had left to the finish. I did it, with nothing left in the tank. A solid 4 minute PR. A medic grabbed me by the shoulders “You good?” she said. I smiled “I’m gold”.

I walked through the finish shoot, keeping moving so my body wouldn’t lock up. Refueled. Relaxed. I was reflecting on all the positive changes from the race from last year. It was a huge difference. In my opinion I saw no flaws this year. It went very smoothly.

Then I saw them. The tears started flowing. Since 2009 when I first started running this race, my husband and son have greeted me at the finish. For this, I am truly grateful. They were there….and yes I repeated “I’m gold”.


Special thanks to:

Coach Jeff for helping me add yet another PR to my resume.

Coach Jeff, PRS Fit teammate Jorge, and Lori’s husband Anthony, who all fought the crowds and were there at the finish to support us.

My sponsor Coolibar. It has truly been an honor to be a Coolibar athlete this racing season.

PRS Fit Sponsors: Altra Zero Drop Footwear, Zensah, Raw Elements, Polar, DeSoto, 1BandID, Swim Spray, Generation UCAN, Rudy Project, injinji, KT Tape

Rock N Roll Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon Race Recap – Part 1 of 2- Getting to the Start

Ever step off a step or a curb and realize there was no step?  No curb? All your bones go crashing into each other until your teeth rattle? 

I was walking with my son and did just that. We were looking for Halloween decorations.  I stepped off what I thought was a curb and all my bones just crashed into each other.  We both had a giggle and went along our way to a pumpkin patch. By the time we left the pumpkin patch my left foot just, hurt.  Had I stepped on something? 

The next morning I got up to run, I went 2 steps and my foot said…not on your life pal. WHAT?! My Coach brain kicked in…I got on the bike.  Play it safe.  Later in the day I had a talk with my Coach (Coach Jeff of PRS Fit Nation, who I also work for) and we both pretty much confirmed my suspicion…not only did my bones crash together, but I managed a minor ankle sprain.  That put me on the sidelines of running for two weeks.  It was the end of October.  Race day was quickly approaching Dec 2nd.


Rehabbed the ankle.  Came out of the gate strong.  Had a week of killer, and I mean, killer training runs.  Hit them out of the park.  I was on fire.  Until one day, it was my throat that was on fire.  A quick inspection and it was obvious I had strep.  Went to the doctor for him to not only confirm I had strep, but also to add that I had a double ear infection, and sinus infection.   Hard core antibiotics, decongestants and steroids were prescribed.   I was hit by a truck for a little over 2 weeks.   The medicine drained me, dehydrated me.  It was a struggle to get up every day.  I was tired, exhausted.  I slowly started feeling better.  Slowly, very slowly.

Bang, another strong week where I nailed workouts.  Tons of energy.  95% of my training is indoors on a treadmill.  I am testament that it can be done.  Being a Mom, if I didn’t have a treadmill…I wouldn’t be able to run, plain and simple.  I had a few flukes where my husband’s crazy schedule allowed for some outdoor runs.  They were great.  I was not just meeting them, but exceeding them….and it came, again…the sinus infection that would NOT go away.  Back on antibiotics I went…just a little over a week before race time.  Then I got this LOVELY stomach bug the weekend before the race where I spent more time hugging the porcelain god than my husband. I was SO sick.  Could NOT keep anything down, my diet became desperate.  The only thing I was able to keep down after 48 hours was saltine crackers, ginger ale, and chicken & stars broth. 


There is nothing like having a sprained ankle and never ending sickness right before your “A” race? Right?

To be Continued-