The Importance of Building Base

When participating in sports in High School and College, one thing I remember for certain was the first practices of a season were all about conditioning, the building blocks of endurance.  Base.

After a strong base was built there was a shift to strength and drill. Form and technique drills, one after the other.  If there was a weakness you better believe that it was discovered, identified, drilled, drilled, and drilled some more.

Not until all the foundation and building blocks were put down, were practice (scrimmages) games/matches introduced.  As an athlete this was understood, and expected.

This process was followed in every sport, every season, with every athlete.  No matter if it was a new athlete or one returning to the team.  Base, strength, drills, and then practice games/matches.

Running and Triathlon are no different. With each training season, every athlete should allow themselves a base building period.  All too often there is an urgent need to go fast right away.  Time should be allowed to build a nice strong base.  Once a strong foundation (base) is laid, strength (intervals, tempo runs, etc.) can then be introduced.

It’s the building blocks that make an athlete stronger and faster.  An athlete has to be really good at going slow, before they can go fast.

Be Healthy, Train Smart, Have Fun

Coach Kristie

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