Affair– n:  1. something that relates to or involves a romantic attachment of limited duration. 2.  Get your mind out of the gutter. It’s not what you think.

I was going up the escalator of a local sporting good store, and he appeared before me. My heart stopped the moment I saw him.  As if in a trance I walked over to him.  He was handsome, strong, and powerful.  He had everything I was looking for.  I knew right then, I had to have him, he was going home with me.

It’s just before midnight. My alarm buzzes so softly that only I can hear it.  I slip out of the covers ever so carefully and tiptoe downstairs so as not to disturb my sleeping husband and son.  I disappear into the bathroom and slip out of my bed clothes and change into something more appropriate.

I step out of the bathroom and there he is, waiting for me in the corner.  He’s always there, ready at a moments notice.  We see each other almost every day.  Some times it’s for a few minutes, other times, a few hours.  It can be any time of day or night depending on my demanding schedule.  He is always there for me when I need him.

My husband is okay with this relationship as he knows this has made me a better wife, mother and person.  He even was there with me when we welcomed him into our home.  He helped to get him comfortable in his new surroundings.

I walk over to him. His arms are out, as if to protect me.  Our time together begins.  I know how to push his buttons just right to make the best of our time together.  We begin to move together, slowly at first, then slightly picking up to a nice rhythm.  We fall into this rhythm together and I lose myself in the experience.

When I am with him I am not a wife, mother, employee, friend, overly stressed and overwhelmed person.  I am a woman, free to live, and free to dream.

It has been a few hours. My heart is beating fast, steady, and strong. I am covered with sweat.  My sweat drips onto him.  He doesn’t complain, he doesn’t speak, ever. He knows I’ll wipe him off when we are done. 

And just as quickly as our time began, our time is up.  I step away, I don’t look back.  He knows we will meet again, sooner or later.  I slip into the bathroom, quietly shower, dress back in my bed clothes.  I quietly tiptoe back up the stairs and slip under the covers ever so carefully.  My husband never even knew I was gone.  I will be able to fall asleep for a few hours and rest before morning comes, reality kicks in, and the hectic pace of my life begins.

And just as I close my eyes to drift off into peaceful slumber.  I smile to myself.  I am having an affair……..with my treadmill.

Life is hectic being a Mom, Wife, Employee, Friend, Athlete, and everything else I don’t have time to list…treadmill time is therapy time. If you have someone like me in your life, respect and support this affair.  It makes us a better person, it really does.  Happy Running- 


Mantra– n:  1. a mystical formula of invocation or incantation.  2. crazy voices that say the darndest things in your head to keep you from quitting

One day I did a quick #CoachPoll on Twitter and asked if anyone had a mantra, if so, what was it?  Here are the ones I received in reply:

@johnepcondon :  “When I’m at my weakest, I must be at my strongest”

@Woodstock_Tris:  “I don’t have to swim 1.2, bike 56, or run 13.1, this is the only thing I have to do today”

@junk1600s: “Find a way”

@Eddie12Tri:  “Keep on keepin on”

@deeFSU:  “Fast hands, slooooow slide” (Get your mind out of the gutter, this is for rowing)

@runningohma:  “I am free to run like the wind”

@Hunter_Loyd:  “All it takes is all you got”

@laurawherry:  “There will come a day when I can no longer do this, today is not that day”

@JeannieMGilbert:  “Finish Strong”

@PelsRenovation:  “inspire someone today”

@RunningJoeInJax:  “You need this”

Mantras are uniquely ours or we may hear it and make it ours.  I never had a mantra, or so I thought, until I was interviewed by  and in the interview I said something that he pulled out and used as the title.  At that moment I knew what it was, and that it had been for the better part of my life.

“Tell me what I can’t do, I’ll show you what I can

She may only survive a few hours.  That was 1970.

You will have to have extensive chemotherapy and radiation.  It was all contained in surgery, no further treatment needed.

Your chances of living 5-10 years, slim.  That was 1997.

You’ll never meet a man who will love you with all your medical issues and scars.  Married were we, in 2003.

Chances of conceiving a child and carrying to term, slim.  He starts Kindergarten this year.

You gained 100lbs, you’ll never get your pre-baby body back.  True, didn’t get it back, it’s better.

You’ll never run a Half Marathon.  2:43:28 and 2:08:54

You’ll never finish a Full Marathon.  4:36:36

Don’t try so hard to make a difference. No one will ever notice you.  They did: 

Coming into 2012 I have been told I won’t make an impact on Skin Cancer Education and Research, become a USATF Certified Running Coach, qualify for USATF Masters All American, and finish an Ultra Marathon. 

I may not be able to do these exactly, but I will certainly show what I can do.